Patient Testimonials

I never thought a root canal could be so easy! Thank you Dr. Fullmer. You put me at ease the moment you walked into the room!


I’ve told all my friends and family that if they ever need a root canal, Dr. Fullmer is the guy to see. It was completely painless.


Dr. Fullmer has his patient’s best interest in mind. I know this because I saw him twice for a thorough evaluation before he treated my tooth. He did this because he told me that he likes to be conservative and avoid a root canal if at all possible. Well, the pain in my tooth eventually got to the point where it was clear the root canal needed to be done. Dr. Fullmer was so sweet from start to finish, and the root canal didn’t hurt at all. Thank you!


I had my first root canal at Dr. Fullmer’s office. I watched a few on the internet and was really nervous. Dr. Fullmer was very personable and funny which relaxed me a lot. The whole experience was surprisingly pleasant.


I couldn’t help but give Dr. Fullmer a big hug after my root canal! He made it seem so simple. His assistants are just sweethearts too.


Dr. Gray and Dr. Fullmer have each done a root canal for me. Both were as easy as getting a filling. Thank you!


After my root canal with Dr. Fullmer, I don’t understand why people are afraid of root canals. It was quick, easy, and painless. It was even kind of fun listening to him explain exactly what he was doing during the treatment. One word…AWESOME!!


I was seen on an emergency basis. They fit me right in. The staff was really great, nice atmosphere between the Dr. and the girls. Dr. Fullmer was fast and very competent. Nothing like the root canal I had in the past. Thank you all!


This was the best trip to the dentist I’ve ever had. Seriously. And it was to get a root canal! 


The most impressive thing to me about Dr. Fullmer was that he was obviously, and genuinely caring with me. I had not been to a dentist in over 10 years because of a bad experience. These guys showed me how I think it SHOULD be.


I really liked how Dr. Fullmer explained everything he was doing throughout my appointment. I’ve never even heard of that before. I felt like he takes what he does very personal. And thanks to the awesome helpers in the front office who were so patient with my many questions. You guys rock!


I would recommend this office to anyone for their root canals. Amazingly kind, passionate, and professional.


I was totally blown away at this experience. It was literally the easiest experience I’ve had at a dental office. Everyone there was genuinely interested in making my experience a good one. Thank you so much.


I had a friend tell me a root canal was awful. What? Not so with Dr. Fullmer. He bet me that I would leave their office believing a root canal was “easy”. I told him that I’d take that bet. HE WON! It was super easy. They even called me the next day to see how I was doing. What an awesome office!


Painless and quick! I hope I don’t need too many root canals, but I’ve got the peace of mind to know that if I do, it will be easy. You all are amazing.